They’ve done it!!

Ahhhh, well done, England!! Hubbie and I were truly euphoric when the final whistle was blown and England was through to the semi-final.

We watched the game at our local pub, the Eagle.

A brief period of calmness before our tension and excitement rose in a crescendo…


Then, came the second goal…


The place simply erupted!

We were going to leave Bella at home but she insisted to accompany us by sitting between the front door and us.

Well, you didn’t know what you were letting yourself into, did you?

She was a bit scared by all the shouting and clapping.

Ahhhh, they did it! They are through to the semi-final!!


It was utterly exhausting to watch the game but it was all worth it in the end.

I can hardly wait for the Wednesday’s game!!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

One-shoulder look

For Bella the Fashionista, a one-shoulder look has been a staple look for the past 6 weeks. 

Hey, you rock it, Bella!

I took her to the vet for a routine check-up on her elbow, and I was very happy to be told that everything looked great. While the nurse took her around the surgery so she could say hi to everyone, I ran to the post office down the road to buy a cardboard box for mailing a Christmas parcel to mom. While I was queuing to pay for the box, I spotted a toy ball on sale. Ahhh, Bella will love it! Since her injury, full-size footballs which she used to play with were packed away because the pen was not large enough for them. However, the ball I found was a half-size one and perfect for her to push around in her enclosure.

See what happened next…

She went NUTS!

“Kicking your heels” time is almost over, Bella. Just be patient for two more weeks and you will have an entire floor to run around with the ball…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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