Discord In The Omelette…

Three eggs omelette and salad at Shepherdess the greasy spoon is one of my weekend staples.
My No.1 favourite filling is cheese and eight out of ten times, I order the omelette and eat it with brown sauce.
By the way, my Hubbie is truly a creature of habit when it comes to ordering his breakfast / brunch / lunch at the Shepherdess. ‘Two fried eggs on two brown toasts and some cooked tomato, please!’ Sometimes, a waitress with a small pad and a pen in her hands asks him if he wants the usual so he doesn’t have to recite what should be on his plate. ‘Isn’t variety a spice of life?’ I tease him every time but he never heeds my suggestion.

Mmmm…, I fancy other than cheese in my omelette, I thought one Saturday morning as my index finger scrolled down the menu. Then, my wandering eye locked on the word “Greek Omelette”. Being intrigued, I asked a passing waitress, ‘What is Greek Omelette like?’ She replied it had olives and feta cheese filling. Sounded interesting so I gave it a try…


How did I find it?
Meh, it was not as great as I expected. The flavour of the chopped olives in the omelette was a little too overpowering and the tanginess of the brine in where the olives were kept was very present in the egg mixture which I found a bit off-putting.
However, all was not lost for this dish. I found an omelette with morsels of feta cheese was quite a winning combination. The sharpness of feta cheese was softened by the egg and the saltiness added by it made the omelette enjoyable to eat without any additional sauce or seasonings.
‘I shall order it without olives next time!’ I declared cheerfully as my fork excavated olives which were embedded in the omelette. Hubbie, our in-house food conservative, looked at my plate warily and said ‘I knew it wouldn’t be good’.
Well, I would rather choose to be daring than a food bore (like him). Life is too short to be timid, don’t you agree?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Quiet Brunch @ Shepherdess the Caff

Hubbie returned from NYC yesterday, bringing home his weary body as well as a few pair of undies and socks to be laundered.
Having all of us at home must have made such a difference in our psyche, Hubbie, I & Mr.B slept soundly until midday.

Then, our customary Saturday brunch at a local greasy spoon, the Shepherdess. We grabbed newspapers which were left behind by another diners and masticated our weekend nosh quietly…


Christmas at Shepherdess the caff…


It was raining and looked miserable. Therefore we decided to share an apple pie with custard and fresh cups of tea…


I flicked through a TV guide with Christmas listings. It was as dull as last year’s and the year’s before. Why do they keep on showing us the same films over and over? We would be bored stiff, Hubbie & I nodded in a grave agreement. BTW, the apple pie tasted nice…


A perfect antidote for any miserable weather…

Kaori by Kaori Olumura

Onesies @ the Shepherdess

As any other Saturdays, Hubbie asked me ‘Fancy breakfast at the caf?’
I had no reason to say no so rolled out of the bed and made myself presentable.
Hubbie was sheepish because I got really mad at him last night. The reason why I erupted like a volcano was because yet again, he ended up having to sacrifice our weekend for work! We hadn’t have any decent weekend as a couple since last May.
I was entitled to be angry!
Why do I have to be deprived of a quality weekend because some b*st*rds in the organisation want to be richer? Those SOBs will never give up their holiday nor weekend while dumping all the problem on Hubbie’s lap. I knew he was already tired and stressed but couldn’t help raising my voice. I was livid. Poor Mr.B tried to intervene by clinging to my knees while Hubbie cowered behind the cupboard, hiding from “the line of fire”…

Anyway, I woke up with a slight sore throat – too much shouting. *SIGH*
When we entered the caf, there were a couple with onesies on…


I saw girls in onesies before but not on any man except those charity collectors with a collection bucket in hand or Halloween party goers. Is this a new men’s fashion trend?

We had the usual…


The waitress didn’t even need to be reminded.
Two fried eggs with two brown toasts, accompanied by a sausage and girdled tomatoes.

I was still tetchy and less communicative.
Then, normally quiet Hubbie all the sudden started to ask questions – ‘Is your breakfast going down well?’ or ‘More milk in your tea?’ so on – and it drove me crazy!
Ok, ok, OKAY! I forgive you…


So we kind of made up and our weekend started in a more amiable term…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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