Levi’s blue

What an anticlimax it was! 

I couldn’t wait to open a package from Vestiaire Collective and see a pair of vintage deadstock Levi’s 501 I bought. 

Well, I bloody wasted my time and money…,

The pair was labeled as W25 but it was way way larger than my own 501 in W26! They hung around my hip like a crumpled paper bag and it didn’t look great.

They were supposed to be like this!

What went wrong?!

As I stood in front of the mirror crestfallen, Hubbie consoled me that the mistake was easily made as the sizings of Levi’s were varied greatly in the past. ‘I used to wear 501 all the time when I was a student and found their sizings were all over the place. 

Oh, how I wished if I asked more questions about the details of the jeans!

So what am I gonna do with the pair? Selling them in an auction? Taking them to a tailor for alteration? 

In the end, I have decided to keep them intact for now. I shall look at the pair again at the beginning of autumn with a fresh pair of eyes and then make up my mind what to do with them. I may wear them with tights underneath because they are so buggy. I shall look for inspirations in Pinterest with keywords such as “501”, “buggy”, “distressed” and “outfits”. 

Hope this mismatch to become a long lasting partnership…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Hay Fever Blues…

Most definitely, love is not in the air but pollen is!
My eyes behind a pair of shades feel sharp pricks from the particles in the atmosphere and at the same time, I experience a strangely dry and itchy throat. Oh, it’s so unfair that I can’t enjoy a sunny late spring day like this!
By the way, Mr.B also suffers from hay fever too. He sneezes frequently when he goes out this time of the year. His cute little black nose appears ever more black because it is so runny. As being a doggie, he has no option of blowing nose and therefore he must resort to licking his nose constantly. Mr.B and I are not a big fan of British spring time, I’m afraid.

Despite our seasonal misery, the allure of alfresco dining was too hard to resist and Hubbie, I & Mr.B found ourselves seated at an outside table at Ask Italian on Grafton Way near Warren Street tube one Sunday lunch time…


It was far from sunny but that seemed to lessen the amount of pollen in the air and we definitely sneezed less…


Ahhhh, the crusts!
Mr.B was so keen to inspect what was brought to our table…


I ordered Quattro Stagioni.
This pizza with four different toppings was a perfect solution for someone like me who always got bored in the middle of the meal…


After lunch, we strolled to Waterstone’s Gower Street near UCL to find guidebooks for Hubbie’s trip to Sydney. He was to give a few lectures at a design conference and would be there for 12 days. I imagine the Sydney Opera House would be one of the first images to be captured by the Leica rangefinder he bought the other day…


Then, we dropped in Hubbie’s office in order to print out the itinerary of the trip.
He had to find it through tons of emails and Mr.B & I were very bored…


‘Will he leave this denim with me while he is away?’…


Oh no, I don’t think so.
Why don’t I dig out his old t-shirt and give it to you instead?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Fruit Loaf vs Waffle?…

Hubbie is suffering from a horrid cold at the moment.
Normally, I am the one who succumbs to those nasty germs and  being a crybaby in bed. But this time around, it seems different. I feel fine. Is this something to do with me having a few tea spoonful of Manuka honey a day? For Hubbie’s cold, Alex swears by the power of garlic (she is French) and recommends me to feed a clove or two to him. However, he hates garlic! How am I going to coax him into swallowing it?

For Saturday breakfast, I decided to fix waffle with berries and banana in order to increase our vitamin intake. Leaving Hubbie who was hugging a box of Kleenex at home, I headed to a local supermarket. Unfortunately, the supermarket was undergoing major renovations and the floor area was reduced to two third of their normal size. As the result, the shop didn’t stock waffle nor pancake. After marching up and down a bread aisle a few times, I opted for a bag of  sliced fruit loaf.

On top of lightly toasted and buttered breads, I arranged raspberries, blackberries and banana chunks and drizzled over maple syrup…


Hubbie loved it. He munched on as he dubbed his “Rudolph” nose with a sheet of tissue every now and then. I must say I preferred waffle though.

As soon as I came home from my grocery shopping, I kicked off my jeans and changed into a pair of comfy jersey pants. And Mr.B didn’t leave them on the floor unattended for long…


He was busy constructing his nest…


Hey you, who has granted you a permission to appropriate my property?


Mr.B assumes everything on the floor has his name on it. He is so wrong…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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