Nigella = Higella?

What what what WHAAAATTT????
The domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson, was a druggie?! I’m flabbergasted. Some people say ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’. But being described as a regular hard-drug user must be the worst label to be pinned on any one’s back. If the condemned is a public figure, a popular TV chef who endorses a wholesome lifestyle through cooking, the accusation must be devastating.
I wasn’t very surprised when Kate Moss was photographed snorting cocaine during her stint with Pete Doherty. She was never portrayed as virtuous or homely. Her image was nothing but hell-raiser and rock in’ roll. Therefore, in a way, she lived up to everyone’s expectation.
But Nigella Lawson? Oh dear. I went initially speechless when I heard the news. Having said that, I did witness something similar when I was invited to a birthday party in Queens Park some years ago. This woman, who was hosting the party for her 40 years old partner, casually suggested if I wanted to come up to their upstairs bedroom. So I followed her and was a bit surprised to find there were a few female guests in there already. ‘Shall we?’ Then, one of them laid out lines of white powder on her glass- stopped dressing table!! They were all mothers and high-powered business women with equally successful partners & husbands! The way they behaved suggested that this was not one-off but happening regularly. And I was astonished. ‘Do you want to try?’ The hostess turned around and asked me with blurry eyes. I just panicked and mumbled ‘No thanks’ and left the room hastily. In downstairs, I found Hubbie amongst the crowd and told him what I had just witnessed. And he was as gobsmacked as I was. While her partner, who she had a beautiful daughter with, was oblivious and chatting to his party guests, their partners were hiding and snorting cocaine. The picture was bizarre and disturbing.
As I watched the news of Nigella, the incident came to my mind. Even though I was surprised by her alleged drug taking, narcotic abuse in domestic environment may be far more prevalent than we wish to acknowledge.
It is hugely regrettable that she has tarnished her reputation in this manner.
I do like her crockery programmes which make cooking not just a domestic chore but a sensual and fun experience. Her vivacious public persona has captivated millions, including me. Has it been nothing but a veneer which covers up her dark side? If so, I am very much disappointed.
Oh well, the only thing left for her in near future may be penning a memoir about the life with Charles Saatchi? I am certain that it will be another blockbuster…

I am no domestic goddess but good at piling a copious amount berries on my blueberry pancakes…


Nigella, just eat waffle or pancake with berries & maple syrup. Because it will make any horrible day slightly easier to weather…

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