Silence is golden

One thing I really loved about the past two days, especially those mornings, was how quiet my neighbourhood was. It felt like I was waking up in the countryside during one of those weekend-away trips. How well and deeply one sleeps if the surrounding is free from the usual clamour of urban life, I admired as I sipped a cup of tea which was kindly brought by Hubbie.

Our Christmas Day was a quiet affair. We watched some old black & white films produced by Ealing Studios and nibbled on mince pies and chocolates.

Then, Hubbie decided to jazz up the atmosphere with his Les Paul…

Van Halen wasn’t very Christmassy. However, I was already a bit sick of benign easy listening which was prevalent during the Christmas period so I was happy with him strumming.

Bella was quite happy with a variety of doggie treats she was showered. We had been indulging her a little more than usual because the bad weather was stopping us from taking her to the park.

She seemed to adore the salmon treat especially. However, all the extra treats made her ever more hyperactive…

Why am I not receiving any attention from you two? Bella demanded to know. Please please Bella, can I have some peace and quiet for a change? You should stop being a diva because it is so un-Christmassy…

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