Feeling numb

It happened again. And I’m numbed by overwhelming sadness. Why? What for? Questions without answers. I am at loss.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We went out for lunch at Mildreds on Lexington Street. There was a street beach party around Carnaby Street. People were queuing up for ice cream. Lots of smiles and giggles. Bella met many dogs and their friendly owners. All passes by were like our new pals. We were carefully and happy then.

However, all the joy disappeared as soon as I read a headline, “Breaking news; a major incident at London Bridge.” I was checking news on my iPhone before I went to sleep as usual, not expecting anything particular.

Life goes on as usual because that’s what I should do.
Yet, I no longer feel so great when I am on public transport or out on street because this creepy idea,”what if” stays always in the back of my mind. Is this going to be my new norm?

I look out of the window and see an overcast sky.
How I wish if I could shake off this sense of foreboding…


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