Mirror, Mirror…

I am having a major rethink of my daily make-up routine.

Slowly, I come to the realisation that my make-up techniques, which I have been employing for many years, no longer cut the mustard and it needs a complete overhaul. My face changes as I grow older. And no matter how hard I try to stop the process by eating right and applying beauty care diligently day and night, the reflection in the mirror is not morphing back to my face in 20s. Hubbie comforts me by saying, ‘What are you talking about? You look great for your age!’ But who takes their partner’s word for it at face value? They are well rehearsed what to say when they are asked the question!

So, apart from having to go under the knife or to plump my face up with Restylane, is there anything I can do to make myself happy?

One thing I can do is accepting what I have and appreciate it unconditionally. Why should I be critical of my own appearance when I have never been judgemental towards others? Of course, I want to present my best self to the people around me because I love them and respect them. Yet, am I being hypocritical by assuming that I will be judged harshly if I don’t look immaculate?

Another thing I can do is assessing the situation.
Comparing my present face with the one in my 20s, it has become flatter. The volume is reduced as I have lost fat from my face, like butter slowly melts and slides downwards. As a result, my present face has less definition.

How am I gonna deal with it? What can I do to make my face more defined without medically tweaked?


I discovered this product, Pro Sculpting Face Palette by Make Up For Ever, very recently. Face contouring was not unfamiliar to me, but I never tried the technique wholeheartedly. In the past, I applied bronzer to the outline of my face time to time but that was all. Therefore, I was almost a newbie to face sculpting. Which shade will be good for shading? And highlighting? I had no idea. Then, I came across this four colours palette by chance and thought, ‘This is a godsend!’

MUFE offers four palettes which are designed to complement different skin tone groups, light, medium, tan and dark. When I visited the MUFE counter at Debenhams Oxford Street, a make-up artist recommended me the medium. She showed me how and where to apply each colour, concealer, shader, highlighter and blusher.

Once at home, I opened the packaging eagerly as I could hardly wait to see what it would do to my face.

My verdict: it was 8/10. The product was very easy to blend and once it was set with the MUFE’s HD powder, my make-up stayed on almost intact after 6 hours. And as a bonus, the make-up looked even better after a very sweaty exercise session! However, I was a bit let down by the shader as the tone was a little too warm for my skin colour.

The content of my revamped make-up bag…

I am not a beauty blogger nor an expert, therefore, please excuse me from listing the products above! And about the MUFE palette, I have ordered another one in light from Guru Makeup Emporium in Fulham as the shader in it is more grey tone than the medium’s.

Bella confides me that she knows the best solution for my problem…

Why don’t you grow hair on your face like me?

Yes Bella, it’s a brilliant idea. *sigh*

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Ilia Lips

While I was attending my beauty regime – wiping the face with toner & slapping on some moisturizer, I felt a pain on the T-zone, an area above between the eyebrows.
Is this an omen of a painful pimple?! You know, one of those troublesome spots caused by pesky bacterial infection, which takes ages to clear and may even require a help of antibiotic.
Then, I remembered the incident which occurred a week ago that I banged my forehead fairly hard on the worktop while picking up a yarn from the floor. Horray, it won’t be a spot!
But what about a short-term memory lapse? Oh well, it comes from my mom’s side…

Recently, I have added another lipstick by Ilia to my collection.
The latest arrival is Funnel of Love.


From left to right, Dizzy, Shell Shock, Funnel of Love and Balmy Days.
Dizzy & Shell Shock are tinted lip conditioners. Funnel of Love is a lipstick. And Balmy days is a lip balm.

My first Ilia was a tube of Shell Shock. I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy of the hue. And as a lip conditioner, it glided smoothly on the lips. The texture was moisturising and comfortable also.
The second one was Dizzy.
I was looking for something not pink nor beige. The colour was tangerine orange and less in your face than Shell Shock. I found it was versatile and natural.

Then, I was intrigued by Ilia lipsticks.
What is the difference between the lip conditioners and the lipstick?
I ordered a tube of Funnel of Love through Naturisimo.

To be 100% honest, I was rather disappointed with the lipstick.
First of all, it was not very moisturising. The texture, when it was glided on the lips, was similar to any “long-lasting” lipsticks on the market – very dry & mat.
The lips should be well-conditioned before the application, otherwise it wouldn’t roll on smoothly. My lips were in fairly good condition as I had been looking after them with a lip balms more than a few times a day. Yet, the lipstick didn’t feel comfortable on my lips.
Another thing I noticed was the appearance of my lips with the lipstick on.
The texture was caky. It accentuated the fine lines and it was not very attractive.
Unless the lips were very taut & plump, this lipstick would not be suitable, I thought.

The actual colour was beige pink which was close to my own lip colour.
Also, it was a very good match with a MAKE UP FOR EVER’s aqua lip liner #01.


I decided to test the long-wearability of the lipstick by having a noodle lunch at Itsu, Lower Regent Street…


After finishing a bowl of vegetable dumpling udon noodle soup, I checked my lips in the mirror.
Hmmm… Some lipstick seemed to have survived. So, I concluded that it performed reasonably well.

My verdict for Ilia’s lipstick  – not suitable for my lips.
I preferred the comfort of their tinted lip conditioners.
Next time, I may order Blossom Lady or In Paradise since they are similar to Funnel of Love colourwise.

I shall continue to buy Ilia products because they are made with up to 85% certified organic ingredients.
Especially, anything to do with lips, I would rather wear products less harmful since the ingredients inevitably enter into my system through my mouth.
I hope Ilia will expand from lipsticks and mascara to a broader product range in near future as I want to be truly beautiful inside out…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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