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This morning, I was munching on a slightly overdone toast while watching a BBC programme in which a panel of critics in various professions discussing if that Miley Cyrus’s twerking had done any harm to the status of women…


Hmmm…, it was true that her act at VMA 2013 did generate miles of column inch as well as countless YouTube viewing and the majority of public response to it was negative. I saw the clip myself and found it rather explicit and lewd. And no matter how vigorously she gyrated her crotch, it was anything but sexy.
However, did she deserve that much public outcry in which she was slated for harming the mental well-being of young girls and the dignity of the female populations in general?
We have a plenty of celebrities who utilise bits and pieces of their bodily parts in order to attract attention.
Madonna, Britney Spier, Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore, Dita Von Teese, etc, they’ve all done it. Or how about Kim Kardashian? Are they not using their body and sexuality to their maximum advantage?
To me, Miley’s act looked like she was desperate to break the mold of Hannah Montana. In order to discard the image of cuddly and chummy ex-Disney child star for good, she decided to emulate a common whore. It was a rather extreme choice and not done in the best of taste but I understood her intention. Even though it was public bashing she accumulated, she has managed to place the crosshairs of media attention upon her which in return will guarantee her future billing more lucrative. I think she has achieved what she wanted.
However, I do believe the way she and the rest of publicity hungry celebrities self-promote, harms our society. It warps the sense of right and wrong and puts too much emphasis on the end result of “just being in the limelight”.
Achieving notoriety by whatever means it takes, sounds gutsy and even admirable. Yet, practicing so by flashing a scarcely covered rear in Instagram or dancing lewdly on a public stage can never win any respect in the long run.

Oh by the way, my throat is still throbbing. I suck a Ricola’s herbal sweet one after another but it hurts all the same.
I have been taking really easy yet it seems to make a slightest difference. Nothing works.  WHY? HELP!!

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