I have no way to know if the author was telling truth but a book I bought for this weekend turns out to be a terrific entertainment!

“Unhinged” by Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Until I read an article in the New York Times, about the Emperor Small Hand, aka Donald Trump, criticised his ex-staff with his signature vulgarity, I didn’t know about the book nor her. Normally, I dismissed most of the stuff that White House spewed up because they just disgusted me but this time I was intrigued by the article. Since I am having a time-off from exercising right now, why don’t I read the book for distraction?, I thought.

Before downloading the book, I googled about it and as a result, came across a review by the Independent. The review by Andrew Griffin was bizarrely harsh and somewhat personal and I was taken aback. He sounded snobbish and even defensive for that man!

That Orange Man with Small Hands constantly criticises the media as fake news, degrading investigative journalism and destroying the liberty of media. However, Andrew Griffin’s review of the book has made me think about the integrity of the British media too. Since the major British newspapers, such as the Telegraph, the Times, Daily Mail and the Sun, are owned by Rupert Murdoch who is a personal friend of that man. I am not at all surprised if those two despicable old men are scheming to destroy our democracy and our planet because it will satisfy their monstrous egos. It is a sickening thought but if a paper which I used to respect has been influenced by the Murdoch’s fifth column and quietly changing their stance on the freedom of press and our right to know the truth?

I find no point in arguing if Omarosa’s accounts regarding that man and his administration were true. After all, it is her memoir, not a government dossier, therefore, she is entitled to have her opinion. Also, I don’t think the book has any clout to give a meaningful blow to that man any more since most of her revelations about him are already well-known amongst us.

Having said that, I am still enjoying reading this book a lot because Omarosa’s journey which she started from obscurity to become a White House aide is a classic American Dream and also the way she found herself being ousted and defamed by the system is a classic Kafkaesque nightmare. Don’t you agree with me that America is the only place where reality show stars can attain notoriety and fame? Obviously, Omarosa is one of the few who survived the rat race of the fame-hungry American mass media and kept her presence afloat.

I only wish if I were reading the book after that despot was long gone. It would be an ultimate happy ending, wouldn’t it?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Sugar Fuels Me…

It was a mightily shame that they ran out of my favourite honey & coco cake! So I had to be content with a slice of banana bread. The loaf  was ok but it had a tad too much cinnamon in it for my liking. Oh well, never mind…

I was at Fix Coffee on Curtain Road, fueling myself with latte and cake before a gym session. Should I have grabbed a fresh banana instead? Oh no, sir. A mere banana can not turbo-charge my workout. It’s too saintly and guilt-free. A pre-workout snack has to be packed with sugar which guarantees an instant boost and the guilt I feel will be an extra incentive to push myself harder…

While I grazed on the cake, my eyes were drawn to a headline nestling in the top corner of the Guardian. Accompanying a picture of grinning Kate Moss, there was a question “Why do papers hate her so much?” Do they?! What has she done now? Anyway, the supplement which contained the article in question was nowhere to be seen on the table so I had to head to the gym without knowing the fact of the matter…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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