Aimez-vous Brahms

I have to interrupt the report of the Waitors’ Race at Reims for today because I have come across a wonderful gem during I was beachcombing Youtube last night.

“Goodbye Again” 1961


The film is based on a novel by Fran├žoise Sagan’s Aimez-vous Brahms.
I call the film a gem because the cast is amazing: Ingrid Bergman, Yves Montand and Anthony Perkins, the location is glamorous: ever so beautiful Paris in the late 50’s and the costume for Ingrid Bergman: designed by Christian Dior! What not to like?

As a teenager, I read all of Sagan’s novels, imagining how it would like to be in love. Even though most of her love stories ended tragically, it didn’t put me off from reading them and I found being “ennui” impossibly grown-up and sophisticated. Oh how shallow and immature I was then.

Anyway, the film may be getting deleted from Youtube soon because of the copywright business. So watch it while it lasts!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

#Je Suis Charlie

Thank god, the hostage held by the Charlie Hebdo killers is freed.
My heart was in my mouth as I watched the scene on the live TV, broadcasting the French police storming the printing factory in where two terrorists and a hostage were holed up.
Another siege simultaneously happening at the kosher grocery shop had also ended in the similar manner and it sounded like some of the hostages there were saved. Even though additional lives were lost today, the outcome could have been much worse, and therefore, I am relieved to know that these awful events are now finally over.
Who could have imagined on that seemingly ordinary Wednesday just a few days ago, the feeling of terror, which had been deep-rooted in everyone’s psyche since the 9/11 in NYC and the 7/7 in London, would come back and haunt us?
What kind of world is it turning into? It scares me. I don’t like to be afraid but against those rats who are just pure evil, is there anything I can do? I just feel helpless and depressed…


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