11am, The 11th, November…

A very poignant moment, indeed.
Last Friday, I went to Tower of London to see the poppies.
A moat carpeted by the sea of red poppies greeted me as I approached it from the Tower Hill end…


It was a spine-tingling sight.
An every single poppy represented a solider who lost his life during WWl. The thought dug into my heart and I felt an acute pain. And probably, my reaction was not an unique one as I could see many other visitors were gazing at the sight in a contemplated manner…


The young men whose flame of life was violently extinguished in the battlefields…




What was their final thought as they laid dying on unfriendly, lonely, barren no-man’s-land? The thought pained me as I looked their proud and determined faces. The only thing I could say to them in my heart was ‘I am very sorry. Please rest in peace…’


The Armistice installation at Tower of London was undoubtedly the best and most powerful artwork I had ever seen in my life. However, it was not because of how it was executed but what the installation represented and what message it intended to convey. The sacrifices made by the soldiers and their loved ones should never be forgotten. The message and the sight of the poppies were etched on my heart forever…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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