They’ve done it!!

Ahhhh, well done, England!! Hubbie and I were truly euphoric when the final whistle was blown and England was through to the semi-final.

We watched the game at our local pub, the Eagle.

A brief period of calmness before our tension and excitement rose in a crescendo…


Then, came the second goal…


The place simply erupted!

We were going to leave Bella at home but she insisted to accompany us by sitting between the front door and us.

Well, you didn’t know what you were letting yourself into, did you?

She was a bit scared by all the shouting and clapping.

Ahhhh, they did it! They are through to the semi-final!!


It was utterly exhausting to watch the game but it was all worth it in the end.

I can hardly wait for the Wednesday’s game!!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Grandma’s girl

After finishing packing, my mum, Hubbie, Bella and I went to a local pub, the Eagle, for an early supper and drink.

On their flat-screen TV, the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Man U was on and we all watched it while munching on cold meat and bread.

Bella loves her grandma!

Bella was so comfortable in her arms. She nodded off in the end.

Oh Bay-Bay, you will have to be without me and your grandma for next 17 days. Hope you won’t miss us too much…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Valentine’s Day 2017

‘Did you receive a delivery?’ Hubbie enquired me as soon as I walked into his office. I was like ‘???’ Was I supposed to wait for any delivery? Did he mention it last night?? ‘So you didn’t receive roses I arranged?’ He looked very disappointed. Apparently, he ordered flowers for me and paid an extra so they would be delivered before 1pm. Oh dear, I would have waited for it if only I knew about it. ‘Well, that wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?’, Hubbie shrugged his shoulders. I felt bad about him having to divulge the secret…

Before the delivery incident, I gave him a card and chocolates in the morning…

The missing delivery was looked after by one of my neighbours. Despite being left in a hallway with no water for more six hours, the roses from Bloom&Wild were in remarkably good condition. I was very impressed.

For our Valentine’s Day dinner, we tried to book a table at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. Since the restaurant was a stone’s throw away from our home, and it meant we wouldn’t have to leave Bella alone too long.

Unfortunately, they were fully booked until 10pm. So we decided to eat at The Eagle

Cider & burger! It may not be the most romantic food for Valentine’s Day, but we felt like it.

Bella was crashing out, wedging herself between me and a cushion…

She was curling up like s fur ball…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

The Angelic @ N1

Don’t panic! I’m not reporting another pub closure! This pub, The Angelic, is very much alive and kicking on Liverpool Road, Angel.

One of Hubbie’s staffs was leaving today, and we decided to have lunch together at the pub.

They were a stone’s throw from a bustling Angel Central…

The Angelic was an airy and modern gastro pub and offered an extensive range of wines and foods.

Everyone except me wanted fish and chips, but I opted for mulled wine grazed ham…

The ham was really tender and tasty. It was not at all salty, and the sweetness of the grazing was lip-smacking good. The fish and chips were equally well cooked, and everyone seemed to be very happy. The service was swift and friendly. The atmosphere was relaxed and civilised – no loud music nor raucous crowd. It was 10/10.

Bella the Pup behaved very well too…

Once settling down on my coat, she was having a nap throughout our lunch. She was so quiet, we sometimes just forgot she was there! 10/10, Bella!

When we were leaving, a couple with a toddler wanted to say hi to Bella. We all squealed with delight when we discovered that both girls were 7 months old and even shared the same name. Their daughter’s middle name was Bella!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Good bye, William IV

One of my local pubs, William IV has folded. I am sad because Hubbie and I visited the pub countless times with Mr.B, and the place being closed means yet another place we can reminisce about him has disappeared forever.

I saw a removal van being loaded up with furniture and fittings. They were gutting the place…

It is a mystery to us why the pub went south because the place was well liked by the locals and it was always reasonably busy, especially Friday nights when they offered DJ or live jazz performances. We often preferred William IV over another local pub, The Eagle, because they were quieter and cosier with a real roaring fireplace. However, the number of visitor petered out as the pub started to turn away people who wanted to dine as well as to drink, explaining they had a shortage of staff in their kitchen.

Even in the run-up to Christmas, when the premises should be busy with office parties and alike, I hardly saw anyone. ‘What is going on?’ Often, I walked up to the pub with Bella in tow, hoping if they were back in business again.

My hope was dashed…

A guy in a plush aviator jacket who appeared to be overseeing the removal looked very emotional and tired.

We will miss you, William IV. I hope the place will be reopened as a pub, not to be converted to flats or offices. Pubs are an important part of the British lifestyle, and especially in cities like London, they are like an extension of our living room!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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