Harry & Meghan

Huge congratulation to the royal couple! I am so thrilled to learn that finally, finally, Harry popped the question and Meghan said yes! It was a long time coming and probably the worst kept secret, still we all held our breath when the Palace indicated that the announcement was imminent. Did you watch the royal couple’s very first official interview? Awww, they were so loved up and the way they gushed about each other while holding their hands was so romantic! They looked so natural together, didn’t they? I loved it!

So, we have another royal wedding to look forward to this spring then? How wonderful! I am sure Meghan will make a stunning bride and Harry will be a dashing bridegroom. Who will design her gown? And will Harry marry in a military uniform like William? So many questions and I am so EXCITED!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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