Ready for winter

So far, this December has turned out to be a rather mild one weather-wise. We even noticed a couple of cherry trees in full bloom on City Road in spite of being in the middle of winter. Nothing is 100% certain but the possibility of having a White Christmas this years seems to be very remote. Then, come to think of it, have I ever had any snow during Christmas breaks in London? No, I never had any. I am kind of vaguely hoping for snow so fully recovered Bella can chase snow flakes. But naaaa, it’s not gonna happen.

Why? I will be 100% ready!

Bella is fully clad in her new coat!

It’s very snug and she loves it…

During the weekend, our duvets were changed to the thicker ones just in case the weather decided to turn wintry. ‘I’m ok with the light one for now.’ Hubbie protested as he saw me removing the 4.5 tog ones from duvet covers so I could send them to a dry-cleaner. ‘It’s about time to change them.’ I carried on, ignoring his plea. Then, came our time to bed last night, I snuggled under the new duvet and immediately regretted about letting go of the old one. My goose down duvet was plush but also very heavy and uncomfortably hot. I must have kept on kicking away the cumbersome duvet semi-consciously during the night. As a result, I woke up this morning with cold like symptoms of a runny nose and a scratchy throat. I must buy a new lighter (but warm) duvet ASAP, I thought as I sipped tea, feeling rough…

Thanks to Amazon Prime, a new duvet is already on its way and arriving tomorrow. That means I will have to endure this “being pinned down” feeling only one more night. Phew!

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