Oh oh oh ouch!

What is wrong with you?

Bella was watching me with mild interest. Yes, I woke up with a sore neck yesterday morning, and I still can’t turn my face to the left fully without feeling a sharp pain. Oh dear, this is so classic…

Since my cough was almost gone, I decided to restart daily exercise. Starting with warm-up, then cardio, then body-sculpting with weights, then stomach work, then cool-down and finally, finishing with stretch. I did a full programme and felt absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, I must have done something wrong while I was doing stomach crunch. Maybe I didn’t support my head properly or I did crunches one too many for my rather unfit self. Hubbie rolled his eyes and remarked it was so typical of me, ‘As usual, you overdid it.’ Yeah, he was so right. Regaining fitness should never be rushed. Ohhhh my neck, it’s so uncomfortable!

Bella, have you ever waken up with s sore neck?



Apperently not.

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