The Last Jedi @ Barbican

Ahhhh, I enjoyed every minute of the 152 minutes film! The plot was great, the cast was fantastic and the special effect was superb. I was totally gripped by the spectacle in front of me from the beginning to the end. It was just marvellous!! In my personal opinion, this episode was better than The Force Awakens because the tempo of the story developing was faster and it added more excitements. Anyway, I am not gonna babble on about it any more because it will spoil your fun. Just go and watch it. You won’t regret it!

Watching the trailer of Journey’s End before the main event…

Long live, Star Wars! I can hardly wait for the future episodes!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Rogue One

Yup, I saw the latest Star Wars, and I wasn’t very happy about it.

We went to Barbican Cinema on 29th, rubbing our hands with glee because we loved The Star Wars. However, we ended up leaving our seats, shaking our heads disapprovingly.

No, no, no, don’t go there!

I know some critics rave about the film, like it has stepped out towards a different direction, becoming more realistic and gritty, et cetera, et cetera. Yes, the film was gritty. It had chock-full of fight scenes, from fisticuffs to full-brown cosmic explosions, and they were pretty realistic. It was almost too graphic and depressingly realistic, I found though.

Not that I am a squeamish sort – I am happy to watch any film (including violent ones) as long as it has a good plot. Therefore, I am not complaining about the level of violence in the latest Star Wars. I was annoyed because it had lost its innocence which was the hallmark of the original Star Wars films. Like the battle scenes from the film, Flash Gordon, the battle scenes of the original Star Wars were made to look “unrealistic”. It was not because of the lack of budget or special effect technologies but because it was the style of the Star Wars. It was “Fantasy before Sceience”. The Stormtroopers may be knocked off like a bowling pin by a Blaster bazooka by the Rebel and be killed, or vice versa. However, there supposed to be no blood, no guts and certainly no realistic death scene! These realities do not belong to the Star Wars, the epitome of futuristic fantasy. Do they want to remake the series as a futuristic version of Black Hawk Down or Band of Brothers?! You have Starship Troopers for that.

Another thing which disappointed us was the finale of the film. So will we be still fiddling with a satellite dish in the future, huh? While the starships can move from A to B with time warp, will we be still not being able to invent anything better than a satellite dish to send / receive datas? How large it may be, the dish is still a dish. It’s laughable, we thought.

The next instalment will have to be better than this. Otherwise, it will be lambasted by me even more savagely…

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