Chance Encounter

A chance of bumping into something intriguing increases dramatically if I am on foot, moving through London in a slower pace.

And I came across a pub with a lovely name the other day…


“The Blacksmith & The Toffee Maker”
It’s a bit hard to imagine what connection they have with each other.
Still, sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Then, I discovered this wall…


Words overlay on top of another, creating a fascinating illusion of the depth on the wall.
I could read the words, “Cures Wounds Sores”. Were they advertising any medicine?
Anyway, it was a great wisdom that the owner of the wall decided not to white-wash over them.
I can’t wait to find what gem awaits me next time I am walking through the city…

BTW, I found Mr.B tangled up with a chair leg this morning.


While I was washing my hands, he walked around the chair more than once…
And hey presto, he is stuck.
How silly you are. But I love your silliness nonetheless…

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