The Angelic @ N1

Don’t panic! I’m not reporting another pub closure! This pub, The Angelic, is very much alive and kicking on Liverpool Road, Angel.

One of Hubbie’s staffs was leaving today, and we decided to have lunch together at the pub.

They were a stone’s throw from a bustling Angel Central…

The Angelic was an airy and modern gastro pub and offered an extensive range of wines and foods.

Everyone except me wanted fish and chips, but I opted for mulled wine grazed ham…

The ham was really tender and tasty. It was not at all salty, and the sweetness of the grazing was lip-smacking good. The fish and chips were equally well cooked, and everyone seemed to be very happy. The service was swift and friendly. The atmosphere was relaxed and civilised – no loud music nor raucous crowd. It was 10/10.

Bella the Pup behaved very well too…

Once settling down on my coat, she was having a nap throughout our lunch. She was so quiet, we sometimes just forgot she was there! 10/10, Bella!

When we were leaving, a couple with a toddler wanted to say hi to Bella. We all squealed with delight when we discovered that both girls were 7 months old and even shared the same name. Their daughter’s middle name was Bella!

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