Good bye, William IV

One of my local pubs, William IV has folded. I am sad because Hubbie and I visited the pub countless times with Mr.B, and the place being closed means yet another place we can reminisce about him hasĀ disappeared forever.

I saw a removal van being loaded up with furniture and fittings. They were gutting the place…

It is a mystery to us why the pub went south because the place was well liked by the locals and it was always reasonably busy, especially Friday nights when they offered DJ or live jazz performances. We often preferred William IV over another local pub, The Eagle, because they were quieter and cosier with a real roaring fireplace. However, the number of visitor petered out as the pub started to turn away people who wanted to dine as well as to drink, explaining they had a shortage of staff in their kitchen.

Even in the run-up to Christmas, when the premises should be busy with office parties and alike, I hardly saw anyone. ‘What is going on?’ Often, I walked up to the pub with Bella in tow, hoping if they were back in business again.

My hope was dashed…

A guy in a plush aviator jacket who appeared to be overseeing the removal looked very emotional and tired.

We will miss you, William IV. I hope the place will be reopened as a pub, not to be converted to flats or offices. Pubs are an important part of the British lifestyle, and especially in cities like London, they are like an extension of our living room!

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