Oh boy, we should have stayed away from the park today, I felt truly miserable in Regent’s Park yesterday lunchtime. It was raining, cold and windy. Apart from keen lunchtime runners, there was hardly anyone in the park.

Even normally an outdoorsy sort of girl Bella was not too crazy about being in this rather dismal surrounding…

Oh no, I am not going in there!

We did play with a Chuckit but every time the ball landed on the ground which was saturated with the precipitation of the recent weeks, she refused to retrieve it.

I sighed and waded into the puddles so I could pick up the ball which used to be neon orange but now resembled a giant dark chocolate truffle.

Hey Bay-Bay, why can’t you stop pining?

She appeared to be distracted by the wind and as a result, she was much less responsive to my recall command. What if she catches a whiff of a squirrel and decides to give a chase?, the thought concerned me because she could go beyond the fencing surrounding St John’s Lodge.

I found myself screaming at her, ‘stop!!’ as she broke into a trot, making a beeline to the nearby hedge. I sprinted as fast as my Timberland boots clad feet could carry me. Thankfully, she froze on the spot, sensing the seriousness in a tone of my voice. I did not like shouting at her but the thought of losing her really panicked me.

Sorry Bella, but I will have to keep you away from the park until the ground becomes firm and dry. Or I will have to buy a pair of football boots with studs so I can run after you even if the ground is greasy…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Staying at home

I woke up with a very stiff neck this morning and had no idea what I had done to it during my sleep!

The snow which fell upon us all yesterday had disappeared completely and now Shoreditch looks as grubby as any rainy day. As you can imagine, I did not take Bella to the park because the ground would be too greasy with the melting snow.

While I am half-crippled with a sore neck, Bella the Action Woman is full of energy and needs some outlet to spend it urgently.

‘I need something to destroy!’


She was trying so hard but alas, the toys appeared to be beyond her reach.
Carry on, Bella and leave me in peace so I can nurse my damn neck…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bella & snow

It is snowing in London!

And my girl Bella had experienced the snow for the first time this morning…

I am jogging my memory but I can’t recall if we had any snowfall in the city during last winter. Even if we had, it probably wasn’t very much. Not as much as to turn the pavements to white.

Bella seemed to be not very sure-footed…


But soon, she found these white flakes falling around her fascinating. ‘Where do they come from? What are they?’ She looked up quizzically as she chased after them.

Let’s warm ourselves up at the Pret…

Hubbie had an almond croissant and I had my recent favourite, a praline cookie, and latte…

I shall take Bella to Regent’s Park if we still have a decent amount of the snow left on the ground tomorrow morning…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Feast your eyes!

It’s so drab outside. There isn’t any colour nor cheer. Everyone, including me, is donning muted shades of black, grey, navy blue, khaki, etc, etc…

Ahhhh, I long for vibrant shades which are eye popping, brain zinging and…EXCITING!


They resuscitate your soul, don’t they? 

I yearn for sun and summer!

But the reality is this…

The landscape dominated by a various shade of blue. Icy and remote. 

Bella, your red coat gives a spark of energy!

Argh, my hands are so cold! I wish if I didn’t forget my gloves today…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Ready for winter

So far, this December has turned out to be a rather mild one weather-wise. We even noticed a couple of cherry trees in full bloom on City Road in spite of being in the middle of winter. Nothing is 100% certain but the possibility of having a White Christmas this years seems to be very remote. Then, come to think of it, have I ever had any snow during Christmas breaks in London? No, I never had any. I am kind of vaguely hoping for snow so fully recovered Bella can chase snow flakes. But naaaa, it’s not gonna happen.

Why? I will be 100% ready!

Bella is fully clad in her new coat!

It’s very snug and she loves it…

During the weekend, our duvets were changed to the thicker ones just in case the weather decided to turn wintry. ‘I’m ok with the light one for now.’ Hubbie protested as he saw me removing the 4.5 tog ones from duvet covers so I could send them to a dry-cleaner. ‘It’s about time to change them.’ I carried on, ignoring his plea. Then, came our time to bed last night, I snuggled under the new duvet and immediately regretted about letting go of the old one. My goose down duvet was plush but also very heavy and uncomfortably hot. I must have kept on kicking away the cumbersome duvet semi-consciously during the night. As a result, I woke up this morning with cold like symptoms of a runny nose and a scratchy throat. I must buy a new lighter (but warm) duvet ASAP, I thought as I sipped tea, feeling rough…

Thanks to Amazon Prime, a new duvet is already on its way and arriving tomorrow. That means I will have to endure this “being pinned down” feeling only one more night. Phew!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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