Insomniac Yorkie?

For three consecutive nights, Bella disturbed my sleep. She scratched her pen incessantly and repeatedly during the early hours.

Bella, thank you for making me like a zombie…

I let her out of her pen and observed what she was up to. She drank some water and stood there in the dark, looking back at me quizzically. ‘What did you want, Ben Ben?’ I picked her up and put her back in her bed. While lying in my bed and trying to get back to sleep, I was rather concerned because it was two straight nights she woke me up with the same antics. I may give Sandra (Bella’s breeder) a call if it persists, I thought as I dozed off. Then, I was woken up again with the noise only two hours later! This time, she just wanted to play. Oh for God’s sake!! This has to stop.

Mr.B never did anything like this. Unless he was ill, he never woke us up deliberately, Hubbie and I shook our heads as we gazed at her ruefully.

You do push the envelope, don’t you, you little minx?

Last night, I and Bella moved out of the main bedroom so we wouldn’t disturb Hubbie’s sleep. He was still undergoing his treatment for migraine, and the last thing I wanted was Bella’s antics triggering another headache attack.

Guess how many times she woke me up with her scratching?

Eight bl**dy times!! I stuffed my ears with ear plugs but it just didn’t work. Each time, I pretended not to notice, burying myself deep under a duvet. Then, the morning came, and I opened her pen to check if anything was wrong with her. She was absolutely fine and very happy to see me.

This sleeping arrangement will have to continue until I rectify her behaviour. I hope the rehabilitation won’t take too long as I miss my main bedroom!

I do love you, Ben Ben. But you are such a pain in the a**…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Water baby!

Bella nearly had another skinny-dipping at Granary Square, King’s Cross last Sunday…

She was itching to dive into the mini-fountains. However, the weather was not as warm as the day we visited the Royal Academy. Therefore, she was only allowed to dip her front paws…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bank holiday recap 4

‘Why don’t we have lunch at Mildreds and then go to Liberty?’ I suggested as we were mulling over how we should spend the last day of bank holiday. It was about time to taste their insanely delectable Sri Lankan sweet potato & cashew nuts curry again, I reasoned. It would be wonderful if I could cook the dish at home since I bought their cookbook recently. However, Hubbie is never keen on spicy food, therefore, I have to satisfy my craving for spicy dishes when I eat out with my friends who love hot stuff. 

Man, you don’t know what you are missing out…

I pitied him as I watched him wolfing down his veggie burger with sweet potato chips. 

Bella’s behaviour at the restaurant was as impeccable as usual. Fast asleep and not bothered by smells of foods….

After lunch, we headed to our next destination, Liberty…

We wanted to buy Bella a lead / harness with the famous Liberty prints. However, we were disappointed to find that they didn’t do any accessories for four-legged creatures! What a shame…

Ok then, I will look for doggie related objects in the store, I decided. 

I found mugs with dogs…

I would have bought one if there were any Yorkie one.

Medium-size flower vases…

And figurines and more vases….

I found those holes on their heads rather creepy. It looked like they were lobotomized! I have no idea how they are meant to be used, but don’t you agree it would look rather disturbing if pencils (or scissors!) were stuck in them?

A ceramic dachshund…

Small plates with a spaniel / Irish setter type dog…

Stuffed dogs made with leather…

A set of stickers with dogs…

I found dogs alright but didn’t find any Yorkie! Why?! Are Yorkshire terriers not that popular in the U.K??? 

Do you feel snubbed by Liberty, Bella?

She loves the store (especially their fourth floor) as long as they have shaggy rugs!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bank holiday recap 3

Since Hubbie has cut out caffeine for his migraine detox, we are mainly drinking Rooibos tea with soy milk. At first, he winced (and cried) about the prospect of having to say good-bye to good old milky English tea for foreseeable future. However, once he has got used to a new diet, Rooibos tea has won over him, and he has not missed the old way at all. Even though I still drink odd mocha here and there and always start my day with normal tea, the choice of my hot drink throughout the rest of day has become Rooibos with soy milk. The best thing I have found in this tea with reddish hue is how easily I fall asleep and how well I sleep if I drink it after dinner. Sometimes, I also have pretty wacky dreams which I find fun. Last night’s dream was another crazy one in which Justin Timberlake was a sky-diving instructor and trying to teach me how to jump! I still can’t figure out why I dreamt about him because I am not his fan – I don’t dislike him but I never fancy him either, you know what I mean? Why did he pop in my head? It was so bizarre.

Anyway, our bank holiday Sunday was spent locally. Hubbie’s migraine had disappeared and the weather wasn’t too bad – cloudy but windless. ‘Shall we have late brunch at Ozone?’ The good old restaurant was open despite the bank holiday weekend, therefore, we sauntered along City Road with Bella the sometimes reluctant walker.

Well done to Bella’s short legs. We are here!

Surprisingly, the eatery was not too busy. Any normal Sunday, a queue by their till entrance can stretch out beyond the door during the peak time. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we were ushered to one of the table.

The chefs busy at work….

While Hubbie sipped green juice, I had to have my mocha moment. Sorry!

I had smoked fish cake with poached egg, and Hubbie tucked in their veggie big breakfast….

I would have given 10/10 for the dish if the fish cake was not too salty. The poached egg was a good antidote, but it was not enough. Therefore, I had to score it as 7/10.

For dessert, we ordered our favourite, Lamington!

After brunch, we headed towards east. ‘Do you fancy browsing some magazines?’

Bella having rest on the floor of Artwords Bookshop…

‘Which magazine are you going for, Bella?’

All the sudden, Hubbie declared that he needed to buy tulips. ‘I want to shoot tulips!’ Alrighty, we made a beeline to Columbia Road Market.

Lots of flowers! So beautiful, aren’t they, Bella?

Two for tenner, it was…

I wished if he bought less because the flowers took so much space!

And they had to be left in the vases until they were half-dead. It took a whole week to be in this state…

When will I get my ironing board back?

And Bella was not too concerned…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Skinny-dipping @ Royal Academy

Yesterday was so balmy, wasn’t it? It was so pleasant and summery! 

We took Bella to the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Art on Piccadilly and she enjoyed her very first skinny-dipping…

Initially, she didn’t know what to make of those bubbling mini-fountains. Then, she launched herself at them, punching and biting the water. The people around us were all giggling at her effort as I was doing my best to hold her back so she wouldn’t be completely wet.
Sadly, the warmth has been replaced with chilly winds today. Good things never last, don’t they? Ohhhh, I can’t wait to put on sandals instead of boots….

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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