‘We long for it but also complain about it as soon as it arrives!’ We mused about the sudden arrival of heatwave as we licked ice lorries. Our atelier didn’t have air-conditioning but an electric fan, and the device didn’t help much other than it stirred up the hot air.

Early on yesterday, I met up with my old teammate from ice hockey and had lunch together. We hadn’t seen each other for almost a year, therefore, we had tons to catch up with. While we were busy chatting and eating, Bella was sitting on my lap quietly, no figeting nor begging for attention but looking around what was going on. A model behaviour. Well done, Bella!

Bella on my friends lap, looking at her pasta…

Oh my, it sounded like so many things, some of them were pretty drastic, had happened to a few of my teammates while I was in the thick of my own domestic affairs. All very happy and positive changes, yet, life changing decisions nonetheless! We both agreed that a summer social gathering would have to be organised before some of them disappear to the other side of the earth.

Let’s play with the bubble! I brought a secret weapon for Bella to play with at the studio…

Doggie Incredibubblles!

The bubble was absolutely harmless and peach flavoured. I could hardly want to see how Bella would chase the bubbles with excitement. Well, my good intention disappeared into thin air literally like “bubbles”…

She just ran away! She just hated it. Those bubbles were rather sticky and kept the shape for much longer than normal soap bubbles. She seemed to be freaked out by the bubbles sticking to her all over, especially around her furry face. Therefore, she rolled around the floor, trying to rub the residue off from herself, rather than chasing the bubbles for fun. Oh well, never mind. I will find another entertainment for you, Bella…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Pet London @ Wigmore St

Behold her hairy tum!

The video was taken at Pet London on Wigmore Street. We were there to buy Bella a new harness and had loads of fun during trying on different designs.

Pet London is a godsend to dog owners in U.K., especially of miniature-size breeds, such as Chihuahua, Yorkie, Pomeranian, etc. The boutique stocks a wide variety of products to satisfy all tastes and occasions, super cute or super sporty.

I pondered for ages before deciding on a fluorescent orange harness…

You look great, Ben Ben!

Pet London is also one of a very few model agencies specialized in animals – from dogs to more exotic kinds, such as snakes and elephants! My lovely Mr.B was one of their models before we discovered his heart murmur. Through all the assignments, from NEXT catalogue to Britain’s Next Top Model, we had lots of fun, and I cherished the memories forever.

‘How about Bella? Do you think she has the potential?’ the staff and I mused as we looked on Bella running around with a treat. ‘Nah, she is too excitable and also too sociable.’ I shook my head.

Unlike a typically extravert Bella, Mr.B was mildly introvert who was only interested in pleasing me. Never getting too excited by new things nor people, he was perfect to work in photographic studios and also on locations. He tolerated being handled by others, but his attention was always on me unwaveringly which was in turn great because he always stared at the lens as long as I was standing behind the photographer. Most of commercial photographers hate working with children and animals because of their unpredictability. We encountered a few individuals which did made us feel belittled by throwing negative comments prior to the shoots. However, we always won them over by Mr.B’s impeccable work ethic – no time wasting, no marking and obeying my commands without fail. By the end of every sessions, they were charmed and impressed by us, and gave the agency positive feedbacks. It was funny because I would never have dreamt of registering him to the agency if Hubbie didn’t joke about making him earn his own keep.

Am I not pretty enough to be a fashion model?

Ben Ben, you can’t sit still for even 10 seconds. I don’t think you can be a working model…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Crufts 2017

‘Look, Bella! Aren’t they better behaved than you are?’ The annual dog show Crufts was on TV as I observed Bella smashing poor Mr.Penguin repeatedly against the floor.

Well, she might not be a show dog. However, she is mega entertaining and mega cute, therefore, she will always be my Best in Show.

Did you watch the rescue Jack Russell going bonkers in the agility competition? It was hilarious! He was having a great fun, ignoring all the rules and exiting the area of his own accord, ‘Bye Byeee!’ Hubbie and I had a hearty laugh as we watched the slow-motion replay.


Our superstar Bella and her agility course…


I am 100% sure she would behave exactly like the Jack Russell (or far worse) if she were there in the arena…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


My recent job status is best described as Bella’s full-time nanny, not an artisan knitter!

Since Hubbie has no time nor patience to entertain an 8 months old puppy, the job is dropped on my lap. Don’t get me wrong because I love her to bits and will do anything to make her happy. However, her excess energy is as such, I am forever doing this tug-of-war or fetch…

Look at her teeth!

Is there any magic spell to calm her down? Even Mary Poppins would find Bella a tough assignment…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Barking mad

My apology for the recent radio silence. Nothing bad happened in my life but I was snowed under by bits and pieces on the domestic front. 

Do you remember I blogged about one of my girl Bella’s mischiefs? An incident in which she damaged the wall? I have figured out why she did it. It seemed like she was trying to get to “her friend” in the mirror. The pin dropped when I saw her carrying one of her toys to the mirror. She stood there with her tail wagging, expecting her frosty friend to jump on the toy and play with it. Obviously, it never happened and she looked disappointed and frustrated.

Why are you so offhandish?!

Mr.B had the same experience with his own reflection in the mirror when he was a puppy. He grew out of it eventually and stopped paying attention to “the dog with an attitude problem”.

Poor Bella, I hope it doesn’t dent your self-esteem. And please stop scratching my wall!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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